• What is Golf Performance Training?
  • Why condition for golf?
  • How do you condition for golf?

What is Golf Performance Training?

'The golfer plays the game, not the clubs'

The best software in the world won't work with ineffective hardware. In golf, the clubs are the software and your body is the hardware. Golf biomechanics identifies ways to improve movement patterns of your body to improve how you play the game. Using golf-specific exercise, stretching and drills physical barriers to progression are overcome, encouraging optimal golfing performance.

How do you condition for golf?

'the best piece of equipment you own is your body'
(Tiger Woods)

An in-depth consultation into your golfing / activity history and lifestyle is followed by a series of assessments that test flexibility, stability (balance) and strength to highlight any biomechanical disadvantages that may be affecting your golf swing.

We then devise and coach you through a program of golf-specific exercise, stretches, drills and warm-up techniques tailored to the needs of your game. We also incorporate manual treatment during conditioning sessions to muscles, joints and the spine as required to maximise your efforts. This is unique to TheSportsOsteo and included at no extra cost.

We can also arrange lessons with the on-site PGA golf professionals or time in one of the simulators allowing you to immediately experience the beneficial effect of your conditioning program.

Why condition for golf?

'Golf scores remain relatively unchanged in the last fifteen years'

Why? Because many golfers underestimate the need for physical conditioning to improve their game. Golf is highly athletic. To achieve full potential golfers need to perform specifically created conditioning programs to increase:

Flexibility, Stability, Strength & Power

to improve

Clubface Alignment, Swing Path, Angle of Attack, Speed

Golf-conditioning not only helps with performance, it also reduces the risk of injury. Up to 53% of male and 45% of female golfers regularly suffer back pain as well as shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. And its not just recreational golfers; as many as 30% of pros are playing injured at any one time also. Golf rehab? Why not try some conditioning prehab.