About us

TheSportsOsteo was set up by
Marvin Wratten, B.Ost.Med, C.H.E.K Golf Biomechanic
a specialist in functional biomechanics and musculoskeletal medicine.

A former competitive athlete, Marvin spent many years as a fitness industry and sports therapy professional, having been tutored by the coach of the 2009 world heavyweight boxing champion David Hayes.

Keen to work within a medical capacity he completed the four year training program in Osteopathic Medicine and subsequently worked in private clinics in the UK and abroad, treating athletes, dancers and media personalities.

Developing his natural affinity in biomechanics & sport, Marvin undertook training as a Golf Performance Specialist with the California-based C.H.E.K. Institute which, alongside injury and rehabilitation management forms the main focus of his practice.

A registered practitioner with the General Osteopathic Council and certified C.H.E.K Golf Biomechanic, Marvin is also affiliated to the Osteopathic Sports Care Association, the Society of Sports Therapists and is a member of the LeadMedicalPanel.